This Minimalist DIY Decor Is So Simple

Minimalism is in, and clutter is out. Check out these easy DIY projects that will help you clear your space, add some style, and enjoy the little things.

Minimalism is the practice of living a clutter-free life. Filled with natural elements and lots of black and white decor, minimal spaces have a sense of calm throughout. Clear your own space of unnecessary stress by making these easy minimalist DIYs. Whether it's a small decor detail or a weekend project, these home accents will simplify your life in minimalist style.

Holed Up Pegboards aren't just for the garage or kitchen. Enlarged in size and hung in a row, these customizable panels are the perfect complement to any minimalist style. Switch out shelves and create new storage as you cycle through your favorite plants or latest accessories. Make your own giant pegboard using just a few materials and a power drill thanks to this project from Vintage Revivals.

Barely There Minimalist design is all about function and less about flair. This covert side table tucks neatly under your couch while resting conveniently on the side to hold a drink or snack. The wood base is easy to create and can be customized to fit any space. Plus, with less surface area on the side table, there is less room for clutter to gather!

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