Client Reviews

Below, you'll find references from past clients. We consider the satisfaction of our clients to be our greatest achievement and we take pride in the fact that our business is largely based on referrals from past clients. This allows us to spend a good share of our time serving the needs of our clients.

"Hamish Ross is by far the #1 (BEST) realtor In the White Rock area. Transparent, honest, patient and authentic. Buying my dream home has been a smooth, and seamless experience. Hamish negotiated the best purchase price for us. The transition as a new home buyer is sometimes rocky but Hamish looked after us to ensure all aspects of the purchase was covered. Its is obvious he is well connected and highly respected in his community. He provided excellent resources such as a list of local insurance vendors, lawyers, and notaries to finalize the purchase. All reputable and helpful. We are very thrilled to be part of the Ocean park community and it’s all thanks to Hamish. 

Special thanks to Natasha his advertising partner and wife. They are the “Dynamic Duo”and wonderful people. I highly recommend Hamish ROSS , he is truly the best realtor in White Rock / South surrey area."

- Cher Hopkins

"Hamish served us very well in the sale of my mother' condo. He had viewings regularly and when an offer came through took care of all the paperwork, obtaining the information and keys etc that the buyer needed. All I had to do was show up and sign the papers. Couldn't have been easier or less stressful. Muchly appreciated!"

- Randy Willems

"I couldn't be more pleased with the service and support that Hamish provided to us. He and his team certainly go above and beyond expectations and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anybody looking to buy or sell a property."

- Randy Manhas

"Hamish Ross just sold my condo. In a tough market his efforts and dedication were exceptional. After 31 years in administration where a good part of my job was to find talented and committed staff, his qualities rate among the best in my experience. He went above and beyond to assist in every way - and genuinely enjoyed doing it. But his untiring positive approach and encouragement were only exceeded by his solid, consistent efforts on my behalf. He is more concerned about his clients than his own agenda. . For example, when I had questions, he was always available by text or phone, often within minutes and definitely within a few hours, days, evenings and weekends.Together with his partner Natasha, he went beyond the call of duty to help me... 

I have known many excellent realtors in my days, and in fact several are friends. However, in all honesty I have to say that Hamish tops any I know in that field. When and if the profession ever comes under criticism in these areas, Hamish is the kind of individual the industry can hold up as an example of the excellence it strives for. I highly recommend Hamish and am so fortunate that I found the very best in the business."

- Danielle Fortosky

"Hamish served us very well in the sale of my mother' condo. He had viewings regularly and when an offer came through took care of all the paperwork, obtaining the information and keys etc that the buyer needed. All I had to do was show up and sign the papers. Couldn't have been easier or less stressful. Muchly appreciated!"

- Lori Maginnis

"We have been using Hamish and Natasha's services for years and have always been extremely happy with the results. We would highly recommend them, as they're the best in the business."

- Peter Andersen

"Our family got help from Hamish Ross and his team to find a new home. We had very specific needs and wants from our new home. Hamish and his team worked super hard to find us the perfect home of our match (even exceeded all our expectations) within a month!
He was very patient with us (never gave us pressure not like the other realtors' experiences I had previously) and always answered our question with right answer.

He is very honest, professional, a good listener and knowledgeable! His knowledge of South Surrey/ White-rock area as well as the real estate market is exceptional.
Also he spent extra time researching/talking to neighbours around the place where we needed more information on.

We would highly recommend Hamish Ross for any of your buying or selling needs!!

Thank you again Hamish and Natasha for all their hard work!"

- Ashley O

Hamish and Natasha have been excellent to work with. They guided us through every step of the process. Hamish is always professional and available. I felt confident throughout the entire buying and selling experience.

- Rebecca Van Buskirk

"So happy I had Hamish to help us navigate our recent negotiations. I knew I could trust his advice and recommendations and he always made the time to go over all my questions and concerns. I have recommended him to several people in our neighborhood and will definitely use him to represent us again moving forward."

- Erin Peterson

"We recently sold our home to a developer and we are so happy that we used Hamish to represent us. Throughout the process, Hamish kept us updated and informed and always responded to our questions in a very timely manner. The contract presented by the developer seemed very overwhelming and Hamish made sure our interests were protected."

- Alistair Girvan

"Hamish & Natasha helped my family purchase our first single home in South Surrey! We loved their professionalism throughout the buying process and there were many small instances from which we felt that the team truly put our interest as the foremost priority. We would highly recommend the team for anyone looking to buy or sell their real estate."

- Seunghwan Son

"I first met Hamish Ross 6 years when I was selling my South Surrey property. The price he has able to secure was far more than I thought possible. Well done! I just got back into the market and was thinking of going alone. So glad I didn't. Hamish not only negotiated a more reasonable price, he also pointed out and had the owner deal with several issues that I would have missed. 

Hamish is hard working, intelligent, and obviously loves his job. If you're looking to buy or sell a property, I highly recommend you give Hamish a call. You won't be disappointed."

- Cliff Andersen

"Hamish and his team did an excellent job in selling our townhouse in the south Surrey/White Rock area. They did all of things that you would hope for in a full service/full fee broker but it was the attitude and communication that impressed me the most. Despite selling in a very slow real estate market in the summer of 2019 there was zero pressure to drastically drop the price to get a quick sale. Their efforts and communication were clearly about knowing the market and working to get the best price, not just sell the house to earn a commission. In fact when I suggested a price drop to try and rejuvenate the listing they advised us to hold off then when we did drop the price it was less of a drop than I had suggested - and we did sell the house at a very fair price to qualified buyers who completed the sale quickly. I recommend then very highly."

Peter Neville

"My boyfriend and I are first time home-buyers and Hamish made the process seamless for us. It was a much better experience than I was expecting it to be and we did not feel any pressure to find a place at all. Hamish allowed us to take our time and took us to numerous places until we finally found the right one for us. We will definitely be using him again in the future but for now we could not be more thrilled with the property he was able to secure for us."

- Alex Uppal

My experience to date has been excellent. He has always been available for any questions anytime. He is very professional and the handling of our sale has been great.

- Chris Allinson

"Hamish was most helpful in assisting me to sell my brother's place. He went well beyond what was expected."

- Jason Hertz

"Hamish's marketing strategy helped with the sale of our house in a tough sales market. No pressure to settle for anything less than our asking price. On the purchase of our new home, Hamish's had great patience in showing us many properties and help us negotiate a fair purchase price on our new home purchase. Highly recommend Hamish for your real estate needs!"

- Arnie Groenewegen

"We couldn't have been happier with our decision to use Hamish for the sale of our previous house and the purchase of our new home. Having used other realtors in the past to buy and sell properties, we knew what the process entailed; however, Hamish exceeded our expectations and we can honestly say that he went above and beyond for us. Our most recent purchase was not the easiest feat to accomplish, especially in an ever changing market. Hamish made us feel comfortable throughout the process, kept us up to date, and most importantly, we never felt pressured or rushed to make any rash decisions. We were very impressed with Hamish's excellent work ethic and we will undoubtedly use him again for our next sale.

Strongly recommended!

Good job to him and his team!"

- Luc Goslin

"We have known Hamish for two years. He is very personable and we would highly recommend him as anyone’s realtor, whether buying or selling. It was a very tough market for the sale of a high end home, but Hamish’s marketing was very impressive. Hamish is very dedicated and has a strong work ethic. He always kept us informed and answered any of our queries immediately."

- Jan Farrell

"We recently purchased a home in the Okanagan and after the wonderful experience my parents had using Hamish and Team as their selling realtor, we knew he would be a great choice to represent us in this purchase. We appreciated his constant communication, throughout the whole transaction and even more importantly Hamish was honest and thorough with his research on the property. Thank you so very much Hamish, for your hard work and dedication as we truly believe we couldn't have done it without you!"

- Nicole and Max McDermott

"Hamish is great to deal with. He put zero pressure on us to make a deal which definitely helped make the experience more relaxing. It’s evident that he genuinely wants what’s best for his clients and works his butt off to get the best deal possible. Hamish went above and beyond to help make our move go as smoothly as possible. Highly recommend!"

- Mike Andersen

"I first met Hamish over 5 years ago through a referral. I was instantly impressed with his work ethic and attention to detail. Over the next few months as we discussed options related to me purchasing my first home I always felt that Hamish had my best interests in mind. It was if he was looking for a home for me that he himself would be happy with purchasing, which really made me feel supported. Buying my first home was a nerve racking process, so to have a guy in my corner who made me feel the way he did was awesome. Another thing that really stood out to me was that Hamish seemed to always be working; late Saturday nights and even early Sunday mornings. Hamish and I were often the first people through the door of many brand new listings. It is because of that work rate that I eventually had an accepted offer on a beautiful home in South Surrey. Thanks Hamish for your continued support and guidance related to all things realty."

- Cass Conkin

" I met Hamish Ross at a house viewing, when he acted as the seller's realtor. Since I described my preferences for a new home, he started to look for potentials for me straight away. In no time, I realized that Hamish is the best realtor I've ever dealt with. He responded to messages and emails very quickly, always provided the exact information or data I wanted to know. His knowledge & experiences about the locations, markets and the business were extremely helpful to someone like me, completely new to the South Surrey/White Rock area and buying a house here for the first time. In particular, I really like the fact that Hamish was never pushy, and always being quite objective about the pros & cons of each house we viewed. As annoying as the process of finding "the dream house" sometimes can be, I found that discussing with Hamish about the details often made me more optimistic about achieving my goal. And the result turned out to be just wonderful! I found this beautiful house I really like, and thanks to Hamish, I also got it with the price I preferred! I am very pleased, and really grateful for Hamish's hard work all the way. I have already recommended Hamish to a close friend who is doing her house hunting with him now. I will certainly continue to recommend him to all the friends who need a realtor." 

  我在一次看房的时候第一次遇到Hamish Ross,他是当时卖方的房产经纪。从我向他描述了我对想买的房子的一些喜好后,他就立刻开始帮我寻找可能的房源。我个人觉得,作为房产经纪,人品,专业性,和工作质量是最重要的。很快我就发现,Hamish是我遇到过的房产经纪(包括能讲中文的和不讲中文的所有经纪)中最好的一个。他总是非常及时地回复短信和邮件,为我提供完全是我希望获得的信息和数据。他对各区位地点,房屋市场和房产经济方面的知识和经验对我尤其非常有帮助,因为我是刚刚来到南素里/白石地区,并且是第一次在本地买房。人品方面更是非常让人放心,值得信任。 更具体来说,我很喜欢他做事的风格。他从来不催促我做决定,从来不讲悬乎的关于市场怎样怎样火热,如果不出手就会错过多么好的机会,这样的故事。虽然寻找“梦想住宅”的过程有时会很让人心烦意乱,但我发现跟Hamish讨论各种细节经常能使我更加淡定和乐观,更坚信在时间和耐心的帮助下,一定能达成自己的目标。 最后的结果也是非常令人开心的。我找到了一栋我很喜欢的美丽的房子,并且由于Hamish在还价方面的努力,我拿到房子的价格也是让我自己满意的出价。我很开心,也非常感谢Hamish一直以来的勤奋工作。 我已经把Hamish推荐给了一位好朋友,她现在正在和Hamish一起看房和选房。今后我当然还会向我所有需要找房产经纪的朋友推荐Hamish。

Xindan Jia

"I highly recommend this dynamic duo. Being first time investment buyers Hamish made this process very easy. He listened to our needs and we were able to purchase with complete confidence. After our purchase Hamish and Natasha went the extra mile walking us through the swamp of paperwork and legalities. Thank You again for all your attention and support!

- Michelle and Antoine 

"We recently listed our home with Hamish and Natasha, and we were very impressed with their professionalism, wide range of marketing tools and their personal level of service. Throughout the process, Hamish kept us updated and informed and always responded to our questions in a very timely manner. We would definitely use Hamish as our realtor again and highly recommend his services."

- Alistair Girvan

"We were very fortunate to have Hamish as our real estate agent in today's tough market for the buyers. Hamish was extremely knowledgeable, diligent and helpful throughout the whole process of our buying property in the Southern Surrey area. He listened to our requests and concerns and factored those into his search of the perfect property for us, with a greatly satisfying result. We get away with the impression that he is truly concerned with our long term interest and benefit, which differentiates him from the other real estate professionals. We do not hesitate to recommend him to our friends who would be looking for properties in future."

- Brian Zhang

"Excellent realtor... from finding our unlisted place to negotiating the best price to delivery and instantly fixing any problems, I would recommend him to any of my friends or family."

- Jason Heilmann

"Hamish far exceeded our expectations in selling our condo. His level of personal care and attention is such that you are made to feel top priority as a client. From listing to close, he was there every step of the way with professionalism & ingenuity. Ours was not an easy sale, in a somewhat difficult market. His perseverance truly paid off. I highly recommend him."

- Katharine Currie

"I have dealt with Hamish for almost 10 years. As a lawyer I don't recommend realtors but if I did, I would have no hesitation recommending him. His clients rave about him an he has always been nothing but professional in my dealings with him. A fair, honest realtor is all one can ask for."

- TJ Dhillon

"In our experience, Hamish and Natasha put our needs first - absolute professionals, first rate communication and next level marketing. Would recommend without hesitation, and truly deserving of a strong 5 stars."

- Jason Johnson

"Hamish was highly recommended to me in my search for a home. From the moment of our first meeting, he was professional, informative and pleasure to deal with. I felt no pressure to buy unless it was the the perfect fit for me. He went out of his way in researching and contacting me right away with various listings. He truly made me feel like I was his valued client."

- Ronice de Jong

"Years ago Hamish bought and sold houses for friends of mine and has now become my realtor for any personal or investment properties. Hamish has a number of trades he consults and recommends to give his clients the full picture when buying or selling a home. I am on that trades list and have enjoyed working with him. Hamish goes above and beyond to ensure his clients are happy and confident both with him and with their decisions. I, Heidi the Plumber, highly recommend him."

- Heidi Smith

"I would recommend Hamish to anyone! He is personable, smart, and caring. You will enjoy his humour, his kindness and his patience when you look for your dream house and you will appreciate his intelligence and thoughtfulness when you list your house with him. I’ve always felt like he put us first!"

- Julie Ross

"Hamish sold our house and was very professional from start to finish. Would highly recommend Hamish for your home buying or selling experience."

- Ryan Baldwin

"Hamish is a fantastic person and agent.

I have known him for at least 30 years and he is always my first call when it comes to real estate buying or selling."

- Blair Mackenzie

"I have known Hamish for many years and he is an excellent realtor and true friend. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone for any real estate needs."

- Greg Lynn

"It was such a pleasure working with Hamish, I was impressed by the amount of effort he put into selling my condo. His expertise was evident and his advice bang on!! The photos of my condo on the listing site showed my condo at it's best and I believe this helped in the quick sale!!"

- Beverly MacLean

"Hamish was extremely courteous and professional to deal with.

I actually searched for a realtor pretty diligently, and as I was away in Edmonton, Alberta was conscious of the selected REALTOR for the sale of our property. The sale process was very solid and was able to communicate openly with prompt feedback.

We sold the property and were very happy with the sale price vs what was on the market. Given recent sales activity I do believe that we actually sold for a better price than would be if it was another realtor that just wanted to get the deal done.

Would highly recommend and will use again in the future should we decide to buy or sell."

- Josh St Cyr

"Hamish stands alone as the most helpful, involved and effective realtor I have worked with in my life, among over a dozen. He is consistently pleasant, appropriately reassuring during times of stress, prompt in communication and proactive. He helped me in ways I did not expect. "

- Conrad Swartz

"Met Hamish at an open house a couple of weeks back. Real nice guy. If we plan to sell our place in the future we will definitely use Hamish."

- Katie Laurent

"Hamish was instrumental in helping me acquire my latest property in an efficient, time sensitive manner. His no pressure approach and communicative guidance through the entire process made the typically stressful undertaking of purchasing real estate a fluid experience. Thanks Hamish, it was a pleasure working with you!"

- Jason Kuss

"Hamish is, by far, the best realtor we have ever had the pleasure to work with. Having purchased and sold many properties in Canada and USA, our latest purchase was the easiest and most pleasant experience we have ever had. Hamish's attention to detail, quick timing in responding to questions, keeping us apprised of all matters, even those we may not have noticed, made this a very enjoyable, stress free experience. We did an about face from searching in White Rock to buying in Vancouver and found his knowledge of Vancouver to be on point. His negotiation skills were superb. We would not hesitate to recommend him, and have already done so, to our friends and family. Thanks Hamish, job well done!"

- Jim and Lorna Workman

"I would like to thank Hamish and his team for their excellent work in recently selling my White Rock home. Hamish's strategy and advice we're right on throughout the process and we achieved the price we we're looking for. The weekly reports were very helpful and informative. Hamish will be my first choice for any future Real Estate needs. Thanks again!"

- Chris Small

"Hamish is the definition of 5 stars. He went above and beyond for our family on every level. I always felt like he had all the time in the world for our needs, big or small. My questions were always answered either immediately or before I even had to ask. I would whole heartedly recommend Hamish to anyone needing a realtor - you won't be disappointed!"

- Shayla Colburn

"We had previously listed our home just before the new tax law came into effect and was informed that the market will probably slow and we will just have to wait and see what happens. Well as predicted, nothing happened...As we all know, once the decision is made to sell your home, every minute is an eternity. So after three months of little or no action, we pulled our home off the market. Within a few days after that, we received numerous letters asking if we would like re-list with other agents. One of the letters was from Westport Properties, asking if we wanted to sell our We called a few of the agencies but there was something different about the letter from Westport Properties, as well as the response we received over the phone that made us want to check these guys out. From our first meeting to the celebration of selling our home, Hamish and his team performed to the highest level. Within about 30 days our home was sold! We had more showings in the first week back on the market than we did in the three months prior. The difference was the proactive efforts by Hamish and his team to find the right buyer for our home. Once an offer was made, Hamish was there to guide us and provide level headed advice in order to make the best decision to complete the sale we wanted. No compromises, he was there for us! At a time when the market is perceived as being slow and very difficult, Hamish proved them wrong. Amazing job Hamish. Thank you for getting the job done!"

- Gayle Mosher

"We would give Hamish Ross and his team 6 stars out of 5, if possible. Hamish is diligent, responsible, and has always kept us in the informational loop during the whole process of selling our home. Hamish was easily accessible whenever we tried calling him, and replied to texts promptly. Hamish is patient, and will not lower the price on your home for a quick sale. We sold our house for more than we expected and are extremely happy with the results. Selling a house can be a very stressful and challenging time, however, Hamish and his team guided us through the process comfortably. We highly recommend Hamish Ross to anyone interested in selling their home. "

- Kel Seto

"I don’t normally go out of my way to write a letter of recommendation but my experience with Hamish Ross and his team was so exceptional, I thought it merited acknowledgement. I read some of the other testimonials and I was unsurprised to see other people had similar experiences. As a business owner myself, I know the importance of ‘customer first’, and from our very first meeting, to the last, I always felt my needs were met, and then some – no kidding.  Hamish always kept me informed and really went out of his way to ensure I was comfortable and happy throughout the entire process. During the selling process, Hamish shared with me some of the potential buyer’s questions and comments, and his responses to them were ‘right on point’ and demonstrated to me his savvy selling capabilities and confidence in his craft. My next door neighbor is a realtor and he was most impressed with the sheer volume of groups that went through my house. I have no doubt that was a result of the extensive advertising they do (they share all marketing with their clients as part of their package).  On multiple occasions, my neighbor said my house was priced too high, so it gave me great pleasure to inform him it was sold for higher than asking. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and outcome, and would not hesitate to do business with him again. Thank you Hamish and team!"

Carson Curteis

"I have used Hamish Ross exclusively for the last 6 yrs both on the buying & selling side of the market. During that time he has proven to be extremely knowledgeable, well connected within the industry & delivered superb market advise throughout multiple deals. I would recommend him as he provides a high level of professional service & has made my real estate experiences turn out with very positive outcomes each time. Much Appreciated Hamish !!"

- Pat Bickerton

"We have had the privilege of working with Hamish several times now as both the buyer and seller and would not consider working with anyone else. While he is always professional, knowledgeable on market trends and focused, what sets Hamish apart from so many other realtors, especially in today's frenetic housing market, is his sensitivity to both the buyer and seller. He has a very personal & genuine approach. Hamish truly considers your needs and goals and understands that selling your home & purchasing a new one, can be a stressful and even emotional experience; Hamish is calm, confident & reassuring making a potentially difficult process, a positive experience. We were very grateful to have Hamish on 'our team' as we walked thru finding a new home for our family. Thanks again!"

- Malin Stones

"Hamish Ross is a great realtor, he took our property and sold it for more than we thought it was worth within two weeks !!!!!

Thanks Hamish"

- Tim & Lorraine

"Hamish is our friendly and professional realtor who sold our townhouse for a very good price and helped us buy our dream house! We absolutely love our new house! And that was hard to achieve as we are the pickiest couple ever! We had been looking for a house for three months, the townhouse had been sold, so we almost settled for another house but Hamish kept saying "Don't buy it if you don't love it!" And he was right! We are truly greatful for his friendship, knowledge and great negotiation skills. He was always on time, very quick to e-mail/text/call back and flexible with the schedule. Great job! We highly recommend Hamish and Natasha - awesome team!"

- Ramona Cristea

"Hamish and Natasha did a great job selling our house and helped us find our dream home. Hamish handled our sale and purchase in a professional, respectful manner. He went above our expectations and we absolutely recommend him to anyone selling and or buying a home. We are truly grateful to Hamish and Natasha for everything they have done for us! Sincerely."

Cory Kenny, Georgia and Raina Fitton

"My husband and I recently decided to move to the interior to enjoy our retirement. We contacted Hamish Ross to give us an idea of what we could expect to receive for our home in South Surrey and were pleased with what we heard. That evening we signed the listing and a couple of days later Natasha arrived to take photos. Both Hamish and Natasha were very professional and did an amazing job of presenting our home. Their advertising brought a lot of interested parties and our home sold fast. Hamish and Natasha are a top notch team and we would not hesitate to recommend them to any of our family and friends. We can’t thank them enough!"

Rhonda and Gordon Lynn

"Hamish was highly recommended to me by a friend and Hamish did not disappoint. This was a very busy summer for realty sales and somehow Hamish managed to find the time to take me around to numerous listings in a relatively short time. I found him to be extremely helpful in narrowing down where I should concentrate my search and in the end I managed to purchase my home in one of my top picks. Hamish is truly concerned about finding the right property for his clients and is not pushy to make the sale. I really enjoyed working with Hamish and would not hesitate to recommend him or use his services again in the future."

Lesley Huygen

"My wife and I just bought our very first home and we couldn't be happier that Hamish was our realtor during this exciting time of our lives. For us, looking for a house on a market like Vancouver seemed like an incredibly overwhelming and intimidating undertake… Hamish made the process very manageable and smooth. He paid a great deal of attention to our needs and worked very hard in getting us great options. He guide us through the whole process without pressuring us to necessarily move into a particular direction… always providing insightful remarks on the good and not so good features of each property we visited. Oh! And I just can’t say enough about his availability and eagerness to help… he constantly went out of his way to make things work for us (we have a 1 year old, so our schedule was not easy) and after the sale was completed a few weeks ago back he still checks in with us to make sure everything is up and running as expected. Overall, we had an amazing experience working with Hamish and we strongly recommend you to work with him too if you are looking for a trusted partner to guide you through the daunting task of buying a home."

 -  Maria and Enrique

"Hamish worked incredibly hard for us and drove so much traffic to our house that we were doing constant showings until it sold. Knowing what some realtors do (or barely do), I was pleasantly surprised with his work ethic and also his skill in getting us a great price. I would recommend him to anyone looking for someone to take care of their interests. I will use him for all my future real estate transactions."

-  Blair Chapman

"First let me say how great my experience with Hamish was. I cannot recommend Hamish enough. A few months ago I had to sell my South Surrey townhouse in a hurry. I didn't have time to shop around for a realtor so I Googled "South Surrey Realtors" and Hamish's name came up with numerous 5 star reviews. I took a chance and I was not disappointed! I've experienced other realtors over the years and I am not exaggerating when I say just how much I enjoyed working with Hamish, and how much his professionalism and competence put him leaps and bounds beyond the competition. I would recommend Hamish to any of my close friends of family. Not only does Hamish excel professionally, he was extremely personable, friendly, and understanding while I was going through a difficult time in my life. I could see myself being friends with Hamish, and 10/10 I will contact him again when it comes time to buy or sell again!"

-Lee Deweert

"Hamish and Natasha were very professional, friendly, understanding, and efficient. They were very flexible, and helped us work through a number of obstacles in the selling process, while also working around our complicated work/living situation. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell. You will not be disappointed."

-Chelsey Cope

"Working with Hamish is like having a best friend in Realty. He took the time to really get to know us and what we wanted in our new home. He stayed focused on finding the right fit for us even when it probably seemed like a moving target...the what, where and how much kept changing for us, but he stayed on track. Hamish was always very considerate of our time and because he knows the area so well, our viewings were planned very efficiently. The houses viewings were booked to maximize the numbers with the least amount of driving in between. And when our daughter occasionally fell asleep Hamish would stay with her in the car so my partner and I could view the house together. Hamish prepared extremely well for the prospects we were viewing. He knew the demographics of the area, the local amenities (schools, grocery stores, parks, etc), current market value and future projected values. If ever there were questions we had of the houses that the showing realtor could not answer, Hamish made sure to follow up with them so we had the full picture. And when we finally, after 7 months of looking, found the house of our dreams, Hamish became a bulldog with negotiations. He pulled out all the stops and made sure we got the best deal possible in an extremely competitive market. We have been living in our new house for one month now, and it still feels unreal, a little like a dream. Never thought I would find a house that felt so perfect, that fit us so well, but it does. And we have Hamish to thank for that."

-Kyrsten Dewinetz

" Hamish did a great job. I would be happy to use him again."

- Keith Radatzke

"It was suggested we could not go wrong by choosing Hamish. The words of advice were true. Professional. Knowledgeable. Personable. Thorough. Hamish took us from the starting gate to finish line and left no detail overlooked, no small claim in a market where there are plenty of distractions for both realtor and client. No hesitation in recommending Hamish whatsoever."

-Lowell Ullrich

" I have known Hamish for about 15 years as he is a friend of a relative and I have always thought that he was a very amicable guy. When I was thinking of downsizing I approached him to show me a few houses and townhouses. He was extremely patient and accommodating and he really listened to what I way saying that I wanted- it was obvious that he was right on the mark with the residences he showed me. Once I decided to sell my house he agreed with me that the price I had chosen was realistic and he didn't try to make me list it for less. Also, when it didn't sell immediately (it was a soft market at the time) he did not push me to lower the price but worked very hard to sell it for me. He was always on time, always gave me lots of notice and respected me as a client. He is also very knowledgeable and has great strategies for making deals work while still sticking to his very principled business ethic. I was very pleased with him and would recommend him to anyone thinking of buying or selling a residence."

-Maribeth Stavness

"Hamish Ross is the best real estate agent my wife and I could expect to find. Before Hamish we dealt with several other agents. Hamish was the bright star among them. His knowledge of a market, his patience with us, his determination to find the best deal for us was unbelievable. After closing the deal Hamish continued to help us until all hidden defects were rectified to our satisfaction. We gladly recommend Hamish Ross to anyone in need of the best qualified and sensitive to client needs real estate professional."

-Edward and Olga Gurevich

"Hamish made the process of selling my home for more than what other realtors had suggested I list it for. He is a man of his word and treats you like family...therefore your decision feels informed and the right one....Thank you again Hamish, I look forward to our future sales/purchases."

-Brandi Schmidt

"Hamish worked with our company to purchase the commercial property beside a property we already own. His work ethic is incredible, as is his attention to detail. Communication was always timely and on point. We had a few issues with the sale (not of Hamish' doing), and Hamish was always right there to guide and advise us. In fact, he went above and beyond in all aspects of the sale. If you are looking for a realtor who has integrity, smarts, and great customer service, I can't recommend him enough."

Jason Curteis 

"My (and my wife's) association with Hamish has been nothing short of fantastic. Hamish has been a consummate professional when dealing with us as clients and also dealing with the corresponding realtors. He has a great knowledge of a variety of markets in the lower mainland. We would (and have) recommend him to our friends, family as a true professional to deal with. His personality is such that nothing fazes him and he works tirelessly to ensure great results. He is a good man with a big heart. With Hamish, we definitely made the right choice."

Jason & Alison Payne

"Hamish Ross did an amazing job for my Wife and I. We were dead set on a particular area and had one place in mind. When that place didn't pass a Home Inspection we were quite despondent, Hamish assured us that he could find us a place in the area and for us to not worry. Less than a week later he did just that. In truth it was a much better fit for us. My son's school is now a two minute walk away with the same amenities as the previous place. During the whole process Hamish was a pleasure to deal with. I am immensely satisfied with Hamish as my Realtor."

Jason McCauley

"Hamish helped us sell our South Surrey home in the summer of 2014, and we were very impressed with his excellent service, solid advice, and thorough knowledge of the current real estate market. We were particularly impressed with his marketing plan, his online presence and his ability how to use every avenue available to reach buyers. We sold our home for more money than we imagined possible, and very quickly – which we really appreciated, having a busy family. We would definitely recommend Hamish to anyone who is buying or selling a home."

Pam Robertson & Alex Schutte

"Hamish Ross is a breath of fresh air in the real estate industry. Little back ground: We currently have four properties through out North America and suddenly we found ourselves needing to sell a condo in White Rock. Being remote and located in the Bay Area of Northern California, we needed to find the right realtor! And that is Hamish Ross, full stop, period! From day one he was articulate, knowledgeable and candidly direct in a very reassuring manner. Hamish has "High Bandwidth" and effortlessly covers a lot of detailed ground quickly, thoroughly and accurately. We were able to quickly create the right strategy and Hamish handled with ease the daily tactical details of readying the condo to market.

We listened closely to his advice and choose not to " sell as is" at a lower price in a very crowded market. Instead we stepped back and chose to refresh the unit with new hardwood flooring, carpet, paint and appliances! Hamish assured us it would sell at the top of its market. And indeed it did. In fact the renovations took 3-4 weeks ,the condo sold in less time , once work was completed. Hamish handled all pending offers and negotiations.He never brought forward a firm offer until he felt it was where it should be. It was perfect and we accepted it within two minutes. Hamish and his team are not only great at what they do,but they are keenly interested in their clients and are intent listeners!

Great guy, with a good sense of humor, who laughs easily and often, that will also make sure he delivers what he promises! And more! Trust his instincts and recommendations.

Thank You Hamish!"

Jack and Lorrie Cuthbert

"Our home had been on the market for some months when we called Hamish. He took over an expired listing and one very disillusioned couple. Having been once bitten, twice shy, we weren’t the easiest clients to deal with; Hamish was always good humoured and gracious, and was infinitely patient throughout our endless “cross examinations”. The house went on the market yet again; Hamish was always available to prospective buyers and their agents and attended all open houses and showings himself. He kept us up to date each step of the way throughout the process. Hamish conducts himself with integrity and he gets the job done. His marketing techniques are excellent, he is always well prepared, and he goes the extra mile for his clients. He sold our home within a couple of weeks, negotiating a very good deal despite a slow market and a lot of inventory in the neighbourhood. He is a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home. Thanks again Hamish, for everything."

Glenys O Donnell

"After buying and selling eleven properties in Winnipeg, my spouse Michael and I didn't know what to expect when we arrived in White Rock to look for our new home. Hamish showed us twenty six available properties in four days and when we found "the one", he was there for us every step of the way. He even went so far as to line up a painting crew before the move-in! We only wish everyone looking for a home could have the Hamish Ross experience. He made the transition from one province to another seamless. Professional yet personal!"

David Galusha

"I am the owner of Westside Drainage Ltd. I was recently called by Hamish in regards to an issue that one of his clients had regarding there drain tile system. I met Hamish on site and after a few minutes speaking to him regarding the drain tile problem, i got a sense of a very knowledgeable Realtor when it came to the construction aspect of the home.I deal with a lot of Realtors in my line of work and Hamish stands out above them all.A Realtor who knows a house from the ground up!"

Carlo - West Side Drainage Ltd

"Hamish first of all helped us to sell our house in White Rock. Then he assisted us in finding a new home to replace the one we had sold. My wife Gill and I were extremely pleased with the service he provided. In a difficult market at the time he ensured we got a good price for the house we were selling. He then turned around and helped us find the house of our dreams, at an excellent cost. We were both impressed with how hard he worked, the many hours he put in, his creativity, and most of all his empathy for the stress we were experiencing in selling our home and finding a new one to live in. We couldn't have been happier having Hamish as our real estate agent. We highly recommend him; he is outstanding."

- Mike Bickerton

"Hamish is the sole reason my wife and I found the perfect house in the perfect neighbourhood in South Surrey/White Rock. He has the intuitive ability to understand EXACTLY what his clients are looking for, and to find it for them. When he suggested we take a drive to a ‘hidden gem’ of an area that we had not previously considered, it was kismet - this was the place we’d been hoping to find! We are so thrilled to be in our new home and loving everything about it and the community. Bottom line - Hamish is a brilliant realtor who thinks outside the box without losing sight of his clients’ desires. He is absolutely wonderful to work with and we would recommend him in a heartbeat. "

Simon Clews

" As a local Home Inspector I see the interaction between many Realtors and their clients and I have to say that Hamish really does go the extra mile with everything he does. He gets the job done and then some!"

- Adrian M. Allied Inspection Services

"Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Hamish Ross to you for the sale or purchase of your property. Choosing Hamish will give you a trouble free and successful outcome. He knows and understands this business thoroughly and you will not find a more honest, trustworthy, reliable, intelligent agent. Also, he is an approachable, friendly & warm person. He prepares completely for the required activities, follows through in a timely manner and keeps you informed of all the "what, where, when, how and why's" as they occur. His dedication in working with/for you goes well above and beyond all expectation. Hamish never pressures you to make a quick decision and allows you all the time you require to make that decision. With Hamish, his client's complete satisfaction comes first. A personal note - as a widow not knowing anything about real estate, at our first meeting, I knew I made the right decision choosing Hamish to represent me. I was selling my house & looking for a rental unit. He offered help in sourcing rentals and took me to view our choices. Knowing what I wanted, he was able to point out the pros & cons I alone could have missed (his patience in this process was remarkable)."

Sally Young

"My wife and 2 children recently relocated from Ottawa Ontario. As one can imagine, such a move comes with a multitude of stresses - but finding the right house in the right area ranks among the top. Hamish was patient, thorough, knowledgeable and worked harder then any real estate agent I have ever dealt with. His attention to detail and knowledge of not only the local/national real estate markets but all peripheral details purchasing a new home in a new area can entail made the process incredibly fluid, efficient and most importantly comfortable. I would HIGHLY recommend Hamish to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate. My family and I have not only found a fantastic real estate agent but a new friend as well!!"

Greg McDonald

"We worked with Hamish to purchase a new home in Langley in 2013. Hamish has a tremendous understanding of the real estate market and provided extremely valuable information about our area of interest. This provided us with a great level of comfort and confidence in determining a successful pricing strategy in a competitive market. He was thoughtful with his suggestions, gave us many ‘pro and con’ considerations for each property, ultimately guiding us into choosing the perfect house for our family. We have sincere gratitude for the genuine efforts he made, for being constantly accessible and supporting us through the completion of our purchase. Many thanks to Hamish."

Jesse Johnstone

"Hamish’s knowledge of the real estate market, patience and unbiased opinions helped us find the right home and sound investment for our family. I would recommend Hamish to anyone looking to purchase or sell their home. Hamish will manage the transaction with integrity, make your best interests a priority and get the job done."

Tammy Bruni

"In a difficult time and an impossible market Hamish Ross sold my condo in 7 weeks. My condo was one of 90+ on the White Rock/South Surrey market and that market was moving very slowly. All through the process and even before I listed it Hamish was engaged and gave me very good advise. He was confident and encouraging, professional and personable. He kept me fully updated on what was happening in the market. He was encouraging and stayed committed to getting the job done. I would not hesitate to recommend Hamish Ross to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home. In my case he made the impossible happen and I am very happy that I chose the best realtor in White Rock."

Linda Kompauer

"Hamish has been our realtor for the sale of our first house and now the purchase of our second. In each he's achieved what we think are amazing results. Our first house was priced perfectly -- I thought the list was too high but Hamish convinced us to trust his judgement. I'm glad we did as the house sold within a few weeks at asking price. Hamish also took great consideration with arranging showings and always took the privacy and concerns of my family first. For our second purchase it was a competitive buying environment and Hamish showed his realtor jujitsu, managing to land us on the top of the purchasing bids with minimal financial outlay. We think we got a real deal and it's entirely thanks to Hamish. If you're thinking of working with Hamish we'd be happy to provide a reference."

Scott and Susan

"When we first met Hamish Ross to discuss the sale of our townhome in South Surrey we were immediately struck by his positive energy. He convinced us that he could sell our property in spite of the abundance of similar inventory in the area, and he did! Hamish used a wide variety of media to promote our sale and was extremely diligent about showing our home. He was very respectful to our tenants while, at the same time, making sure that open houses and viewings were abundant. He followed up with prospective buyers or their agents and sent us regular reports on all action regarding our townhouse. We are extremely pleased with the service Hamish provided and will most certainly refer him to friends who are looking to buy or sell. Thank you Hamish!"

Connie and Kathy

"Hamish got us out of a jam. We were moving from Alberta to the Lower Mainland but hit a problem, our home was sold in Alberta very quickly, we had nowhere to live in our chosen area, Hamish had a very narrow window to work with, we had a specific area and a particular complex we wanted to live in, but there was nothing for sale that met our needs at the time so he went above and beyond to find us a home in our chosen area, he kept us informed at all times long distance. The whole moving experience was stress free thanks to Hamish’s professionalism and knowledge of the area. We have and will continue recommending him to others who are looking for the best realtor. Thanks Hamish!"

Paula and Barry Young

"My girlfriend and I recently worked with Hamish on the purchase of our new house in Langley. It is the second property I have purchased with Hamish as my realtor, and once again he was great to work with. We really had no clue where or what we wanted, but Hamish took us to many different areas and through different house types until we found found the home for us. His patience, knowledge of various areas of the Lower Mainland, his understanding of the real estate market, and his customer first approach is unlike any realtor I have dealt with. His willingness to go the extra mile for his clients is what really sets him apart, and is exactly why we will continue to go with Hamish for all of our future realty dealings."

- Troy Dewinetz 

" experience has been nothing short of positive! The honesty, power of perseverance and outright dedication I have experienced while working together on the purchase of my farm, left me with a profound sense of awe; your service and friendship through this process was filled with unfailing support. I am so very thankful Hamish, thank you.

Joanne Killick

"Hamish is one of those rare people you meet in life and instantly like. He is down to earth, honest, friendly, and intelligent. We moved here from Northern Canada to help out our parents, so everything was a big adjustment for us. We were looking for a place to call home and Hamish not only helped do that, he also provided a listening ear, and patiently stayed by us through the maze of hunting for the best place for us to live. He gave us market comparisons, his trained insight, and sharp negotiating skills, knowing what the possibilities were. We always felt he genuinely had our interests at heart. He’s a keeper."

John and Karyn

"We were pleased to find Hamish Ross after dealing with several realtors.

Hamish is reliable, dedicated, hard-working and knowlegeable realtor.

We would recommend Hamish to anyone looking for the realtor, that puts clients interests first, despite possible increased requirements for realtors time."

Edward and Olga Gurevich

"When we decided to buy our home we went looking for a real estate agent and found Hamish.He is a very knowledgeable and outstanding agent and a very nice person.Hamish help make buying our house a stress free event.We highly recommend him and would definitely use him again if the need arose.Went looking for a real estate agent a found a friend."

John and Elaine Farrell

"Hamish gave us peace of mind during the entire process of selling our home. Not only that, he spent personal time giving us superb after-sale advice, direction and help. We were more than pleased with the sale price. Hamish is not only a hard-working and knowledgeable realtor, he has become a trusted friend."

Martin and Linda Andersen

"Hamish Ross listed and sold our home in a timely and professional manner. We were pleasantly surprised at the price he got for us, and it was far more than we had expected. His after sale service was exceptional. We really appreciated how hard he worked for us. I would highly recommend Hamish to anyone that is looking for an outstanding real estate agent."

Cliff Andersen

"Hamish has been our realtor for both selling and purchasing our home. He was very patient, helpful and informative while we embarked on our purchase. The same applies when we sold our house, he got the price I wanted and the quick sale I anticipated. The constant attention and open houses etc. made me feel secure that everything was being taken care of with no need to worry. He is a high quality realtor who I would highly recommend as we continue using him in future transactions."

Kevin and Tricia Hamelin

"It was a pleasure working with Hamish; my purchase involved a court-ordered sale, which was a very challenging process with lots of hurdles to clear. Hamish made sure I was well informed at all stages of the process, was extremely proactive in following up with a number of realtors and lawyers, and even attended a court session with me. Not only did he ensure that I got the home I wanted, he helped me get it at a fantastic price. I'm looking forward to working with him again in the future."

Brent Sasaki

"Hamish has superior skills and guidance, which quickly translated to us having our property sold. The pictures were extremely well done and he definitely knows how to generate the traffic needed for open houses. I was amazed at the number of visitors he was able to bring through! He kept us updated and well informed all through out the whole process. Hamish is exceptionally personable with his winning smile and he went over the moon to get the job done. He is truly a brilliant professional and I highly recommend him."

Anne Neufeld and Dennis Lamb

"My wife and I are extremely grateful for the amount of time and effort Hamish put in to help us find our ‘perfect’ Yaletown home. He did an absolutely amazing job and truly understood what we were looking for – and we had a long and demanding wish list! Hamish has an excellent understanding of the local real estate market; knowledge we knew we could trust which became even more evident during the negotiation stage. In the end we got exactly the home we wanted, at well below the asking price, and closed in record time! Hamish’s best qualities?He’s a really down-to-earth guy who shoots straight from the hip, works seemingly around the clock, and makes you really feel like you’re not just among his top clients but in fact the only one. We’re so happy we’ve found our ‘one’ agent for all our future real estate needs."

Noel and Amy Dolotallas

"Hamish sold our property in good time and for an excellent price. He was always there when we needed him and he was very helpful with the purchase of our new residence."

V & M Andersen

"Hamish Ross is the best. He spent extra time listening and learning about our own wants and needs; he provided us with outstanding counsel that was always in our best interest; his research and market knowledge was incredible; and he always placed our goals first during the selling process. Hamish is an honest, talented, and professional realtor who provides second-to-none service. We highly recommend him."

Regan and Amy Baldwin

"As a first time home buyer, I was low on knowledge and high on questions. Hamish guided me through every step of the process, and never once made me feel as though he had anything other than what was best for me in mind. He was always available, worked day and night to make the deal happen, and made me feel like I was his only client. It is no wonder he is so well respected by people I spoke to in the industry, from notaries to home inspectors to other realtors. I will be recommending him to everyone I know."

Ryan Frawley

"It is my pleasure and honor to say that Hamish Ross brings a refreshing air of confidence and security to the real estate business.The amount of time and work that Hamish gave to me was far more than I had expected; he leaves all others that I have dealt with buried in the past. He was always available to prospective buyers and their agents, and numerous neighbors commented on the fact that there were so many showings. Most importantly, there were constant updates to me on what was happening with the sale of my home. I have given, and will continue to give, Hamish's name out to all relatives and friends who in the future may profit from his assistance. Hamish has my sincere thanks."

Keith G. Marsh

"I have used Hamish more than once and I am always very happy with his work. He has saved me money and I have always ended up with exactly what I wanted. I have referred other people to him and I will continue to do so."

John Benjamin

"We had been searching for a home for a while when we first met Hamish. Although we were not working with a realtor at the time, we appreciated the attention and courtesy he provided to us right from the start. The sincerity, dedication and genuine pride he takes in his work were evident from the first minutes we met with him. We decided to enlist his services to help us find what we were looking for. Hamish fully understands the importance of his client's needs; be it selling their current property or helping prospective buyers like us find the perfect home. More than once during our search, he went above and beyond what I assumed was a realtor's responsibility. We are new to the area, so Hamish took a proactive role in ensuring all our real estate and mortgage concerns were addressed. He was always available to answer any questions or provide guidance.We consider ourselves quite fortunate to have met him and would recommend his services without hesitation to anyone. We consider Hamish a personal friend and a genuine professional."

Dave and Pavlina Ouellette

"Hamish was our realtor who both listed and sold the property. At the time when Hamish was listing the property, both my brother and I, were on the opposite sides of the world which made things very complicated. Hamish handled this with ease and made sure that our vacations were not interrupted. He sold the condo very quickly, especially in light of a difficult housing market for a price we were very happy with. As a seller, we could not possibly have had a better realtor. He held open houses weekly, followed up with potential customers and provided us with a weekly update. We are definitely going to recommend him to any of our friends."

Irene and Ted Gill

"Hamish is very attentive and genuine. I really felt comfortable making decisions with him because I knew his was looking out for my best interest. I felt as if we were working as a team. Never did I feel he was trying to sell me something; He was helping me find the home best for me and my family."

- Jaye Siegmueller

"I recently had the pleasure of having Hamish Ross as my realtor in the buying of my condominium in Vancouver. Hamish listened very carefully to what I really wanted and helped me find exactly what I was looking for. I never felt rushed, pressured, or overwhelmed. I felt I was dealing with a professional who had my best interests in mind all the time. He was always prompt, informed, and honest, making my purchase experience effortless and relaxed. It was a pleasure working with him. I would definitely not hesitate to refer Mr Ross to anyone looking for a top notch realtor. He was excellent."

- Vanessa Paquette

"Hamish Ross is a skilled negotiator, with a comprehensive knowledge of the industry. His guidance helped familiarize me with the market and ultimately make the right choices. He asked all the right questions and was always prepared with answers for mine. I would recommend him to anyone!"

Kyrsten Gill

"I have known Hamish Ross years now, and in addition to other projects, we recently collaborated on a project for a mutual marketing client. Hamish is a talented visionary. He is creative, has standout people skills and a miraculous mind for numbers. He is also a self-starter and highly motivated."

Sean Bickerton

"I have been working with Hamish for awhile now and he has been extremely patient with me while I try to find the best home. He has shown up to every viewing highly prepared and can tell me easily and quickly what the real value is in any place we visit. I feel extremely comfortable knowing that Hamish is in charge of my real estate decisions and he will be the only realtor I use now and in the future."

Troy Dewinetz

"As a first time home buyer we are pleased to say that our deal went very smooth. We were able to save a great deal of money in large part due to Hamish Ross hard work and extensive researching on properties that fit our criteria. We were quite suprised to see the comparison in representation when looking at properties. Out of the extensive listing's that we went through and looked at only one realtor actually met us to answer questions and concerns for the homes they were selling which left us with many unanswered questions on several properties. When we decide to sell our home we will definitely go with Hamish so that we know when a potential buyer comes to our home they will be met by a professional to answer their questions and concerns so that we do not lose out on a solid offer."

Jason and Michelle Darrah

"It is with great pleasure that we are writing about a recent experience with Hamish Ross. We have been
fortunate enough to have known Hamish now for the past few months. During this time he has shown a character that is determined, compassionate and industrious. He has proven himself to be trusting,
loyal and an incredible problem solver. But what strikes us the most was his desire to go above and
beyond expectations. When we recently approached Hamish with some questions concerning our property
evaluation, he immediately took control of the situation and eased all of our concerns. Without being asked, Hamish proceded to compose an elaborate market evaluation for us. He created a document that was
concise and comprehensive, and then followed up with us to ensure that we understood it completely. The
reason why this hard work was so appreciated is that it was done without us asking for this service. Moreover, we had no intentions of selling our property but Hamish answered our questions regardless of this. He indulged our curiousity while expecting nothing in return. Hamish proved that for him it is the client that is most important. His honest desire to go beyond expectations is the exact reason we would recommend Hamish to anyone and everyone who is in need of an agent. Because of our experience with him, we now understand that when you work with Hamish you are not just getting a real estate agent, you are recruiting an expert and a friend. I always felt that he had our best interest in mind and would do anything possible to answer questions and concerns, no matter how small or obscure they may seem."

Andy and Kelly

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